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At Petaluma & Co., we're passionate about skincare and are constantly on the hunt for natural ways to smooth and refine every facial inch. We're obsessed with natural beauty products, constantly searching for the best at-home facial solutions to get faces luminous and radiant. We geek out over the latest sheetmask skincare products that are dermatalogist-tested and proven to deliver more youthful-looking skin and prevent future damage. Taking care of your skin is a reflection of optimal health from the inside-out – how do you want the world to see you?

Natural Skincare to the Rescue

Launched in spring 2016 and already a favorite of beauty writer and beauty editor types from around the world, Petaluma & Co. k-beauty products are sourced and tested by our team of skincare experts who believe natural is the best path to follow when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Cosmetic procedures are costly and often come with painful side effects, like bruising and headaches. Who has time to feel pretty with all that pain? Doesn't the spa-like—and, did we mention, highly affordable—sensation of an at-home sheetmask sound more appealing?

Whether you want to treat or prevent skin conditions ranging from wrinkles to acne, the natural ingredients found in Petaluma & Co. k-beauty products can help you achieve skin that's so glowing, you'll be wowed every time you look in the mirror. Utterly sublime to apply, our skincare sheetmasks are developed with the latest innovative skincare technology and use high-quality and exotic elements, such as marine collagen, deep sea ocean water from Hawaii, bee venom and coconut. Effective serum from the sheetmasks absorbs into skin to lock in moisture and work on repairing cells crying out for help, giving your skin a boost against forces like environmental factors and aging by softening, firming and hydrating skin.

Unlike dry masks, Petaluma's curated sheetmasks are ridiculously easy to apply, don't require washing off, and leave no mess – simply remove, and you're good to go! Regular applications of Petaluma & Co. sheetmasks that are a dream to wear result in optimal aging without painful and costly injections. Taking the time to pamper your skin now results in a younger look for years to come.

Like you, we love a great facial, but we know the high cost of splurging can lead to infrequent treatment and unhealthy skin habits. We make our k-beauty products affordable for anyone, because we believe everyone deserves gorgeous skin they love to live in. Healthy skin is a form of self-love and self-expression. Sheetmasks from Petaluma & Co. give you a way to show off your inner light while having a blissful time in the process. 

We know how important healthy skin is to a healthy lifestyle. Trust us to always deliver the latest most fabulous and effective products from around the globe, ones we get giddy about ourselves. Here's to feeling phenomenal, naturally, in your skin.

Meet Your Trusted Skincare Sidekick, Founder Sophie Song-Fang

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Sophie Song-Fang knew how essential proper skincare was at a young age, as she counted staples like sunblock, moisturizer and toner among her skincare arsenal. Later she discovered the transformational power of k-beauty products, skincare sheetmasks made in Korea that are created by dermatologists and surgeons for the best quality and results. Wanting to share this oh-so-powerful beauty skincare secret with others and bring her tried-and-true favorites to the public, she founded Petaluma & Co. Now, everyone can release their inner glow, the natural way.

With more than 10 years of online marketing experience in the advertising and tech industries and an MBA degree from the USC Marshall School of Business, Sophie decided to dedicate her time to pursuing her passion for making women feel beautiful inside and out with the highest quality skincare products on the market. Her love for connecting with people combined with her excitement about innovative skincare makes founding Petaluma & Co. the perfect match.

Realizing her fascination with natural skincare wasn't exactly the norm, Sophie is thrilled to unleash the effectiveness of a preventive approach to pesky wrinkles, frown lines, sun spots and all those other not-so-selfie-worthy skin problems. Sophie believes cosmetic procedures are ineffective quick fix options that fail to deliver truly lasting and sustainable results. Women don't need to use procedures, unnatural methods or makeup to feel and look amazing. Natural beauty achieved through a healthy skincare routine lets inner beauty shine on the outside. 






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