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Here at Petaluma & Co., we are lovers of all things natural..especially when it comes to skincare ingredients. That's why, when we discovered Gunila Skin Alchemy, we HAD to sit down and talk to her about the ingredients and why essential oils are an important part of your skincare regimen.
Have you ever used an essential oil as part of your skincare regime? Using essential oils and botanical essences on the skin is one of the purest way to balance the complexion. Aromatic oils can treat different skin conditions due to their natural antiseptic, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory qualities. Following the holistic principle that “like treats like,” applying oils on the skin will reduce over-production of sebum and rebalance the skin. Besides beautifying and clarifying the complexion, aromatic essences also calm the nervous system and have a balancing effect on hormones and emotions. Any imbalances in these systems can contribute to acne, hyper pigmentation, inflammation, dryness and premature aging of the skin.

Essential oils and eye mask

Gunila says “The selection of botanical essences for each blend in the Gunilla Skin Alchemy line has carefully been chosen after many years of working with essential oils on my clients during their facial treatments. I have formulated what I believe to be the best combination of oils to suit the specific needs of different skin types.”
Learn more about how each ingredient can help you achieve your skincare goal as she breaks it down by type and benefits. 
Gunila Boutik is an award winning skincare boutique in San Francisco. Voted as one of the best facialist in the San Francisco, they thrive on holistic approach to skincare by incorporating essential oils into each skincare treatment. 


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