Abi Ferro with Petaluma & Co.


Abi is the pure epitome of what people call beauty inside and out. She is a vegetarian who believes in eating healthy, and maintaining an active lifestyle. We caught up with Abi recently to learn a little bit more about her. Her life's mantra, beauty routine and more. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Abi.

My name is Abi and I am a surfer, yogi and fitness guru. I work for an Organic Juice and smoothie corporation called Clean Juice Bar and I travel all over the country promoting healthy living for them! 
Since I work for a Juice Bar, it's only natural for me to be obsessed with all things fruit. My personal favorites are watermelon and kiwi!
Abi Ferro
Do you have a normal skincare or beauty routine that you live by?
When it comes to my beauty regiments, I hate harsh chemicals and look for the basics when trying to keep my skin clear. I love to use just cold water when cleaning my face as it helps keep your pores closed tight, and the occasional Petaluma mask helps me detoxify my skin. 
 Abi Ferro, Petaluma & Co.
What is one mantra that you live by?
I've cared less about what people have thought of me and as long as they were even putting time into thinking about me, I had done my job right. I like to live by something that goes "live life to the fullest that even your enemies wonder how you're doing it"
 abi Ferro
How has surfing and doing yoga helped you center yourself?
I think incorporating surfing into my life helped me realize there is so much more to divinity and calmness then many imagine. When I'm out in the water there is no serenity or comparison that even comes close. Meditating and practicing Vinyasa has helped me to keep a level head even through the toughest times of school and work. 
 What is one emoji that you use the most? 
And…of course, my favorite emoji is 💃🏼💃🏼.
Abi Ferro
Abi Ferro is a Surfer, Yogi who currently lives in Charlotte, NC. 
Photos by Abi Ferro
Interview by Petaluma & Co. 


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