Benefits of cactus for the skin 

Mexican Indians declared it a “gift from God,” with its high antioxidant qualities and its ability to protect heart health and boost the immune system. The current coat of arms of Mexico – an eagle with a serpent in its mouth – lands ever so gracefully on its prickly pads. And today you often see them cooked and added to tacos or in a scrumptious Tex Mex dish. I’m talking about Mexican Nopales. And today these prickly cacti are being used for their supreme anti aging and anti wrinkling qualities. Watch out Argan oil, there’s a new oil in town!
 Benefits of Cactus for the skin
If you’re thinking lathering prickly cactus over your face is how it’s done, think again. You don’t have to look like Pinhead to achieve beautiful skin. The Water Bomb Sheet Mask from award winning Korean company, Skinion, is our non-prickly favorite. Not only is it loaded with 84% Mexican Nopal cactus stem extract certified organic by the USDA, but you also don’t have to worry about sloppy messes since it’s completely stick free and has high viscosity. So, you can cook your meal and enjoy the cool moisturizing sensation of cacti seeping into your pores, making it a multi-tasker’s dream.
Generally speaking, moisturizers are designed to preserve the skins natural oils by preventing water evaporation from the epidermis (the outer most layer of the skin which regulates water retention and evaporation). When in skin care formulas, cactus extract helps prevent this water evaporation and acts as a moisturizer. This is all great news for your skin, since the amount of water in your skin determines the appearance of stress free and smooth skin.
Because cactus also has cooling properties, it helps to soothe irritated and red skin; And Cacti have to be good at regulating their temperature, without losing their moisture, since it can be fatal for them in the high desert. The plant is especially good at this and lends these benefits to skin when it is applied topically.
Benefits of cactus for the skin 
The extract also has numerous antioxidants that may help to minimize the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Joshua Zeichner, dermatologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, confirms, "It soothes, hydrates, and reduces inflammation that damages collagen, explaining why it's used to prevent skin aging.”
However, with the Water Bomb Sheet Mask you not only get the added benefits of moisture and anti aging, but 10 other plant components – peony, licorice, Pleuropterus multiflorus TURCZ, Phellinus linteus, Mulberry root, Shrubby sophora, black sesame, Korean angelica root, gold and black soybean extract – to fix fatigued skin. And if that wasn’t enough for you, the mask also contains Niacinamide (commonly known as Vitamin B3) for skin whitening, skin immunity, moisturizing, and pore minimizing.
organic cactus extract sheetmask 
The key to this working is the consistency of using it. Add a weekly facemask to your routine and there is no doubt you will see and feel the benefits of this super ingredient. For us, this simple skin care routine has proven completely transformative.




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