Fall Skincare Tips

The seasons are changing and so should our skincare routine. Today I’m going to introduce the top three skincare tips you will want to try during the colder season ahead. 

● Tip #1: Change your cleansing routine
Come fall, we resign ourselves to dry and flaky skin and it’s very important to tailor your skincare to the change in weather. One thing you want to do right away is to change your cleanser. During the colder months, your skin might feel tender and irritated, so it’s best to switch from a lightweight gel cleanser to a richer, creamy cleanser that gently removes makeup and impurities while leaving the skin smooth and supple. To avoid extreme dryness, opt for a good-quality cleaning oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants instead of cleansing wipes/tissues. To remove makeup, simply massage the cleansing oil in a circular motion all over the face and follow up with a cleansing foam and do “double” cleansing every night to ensure all traces of dirt and impurities are gone and skin is left fresh and clean. 

● Tip #2: Moisturize properly 
During fall, the lack of humidity in the air causes the skin to lose its moisture more rapidly and there is no question that proper moisturization is the number one law to good skincare. Lightweight, water-based lotions are ideal for the summer but are not hydrating enough compared to rich creams. To update your skincare regimen in time for the new season ahead, immediately switch out lotions for creams and give your skin proper hydration and nutrition. Opt for creams rich in emollients and vitamins and apply the cream in thick layers in the evening to ensure maximum results. 

● Tip #3: Don’t say goodbye to sunscreen
Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean the harmful UV rays are gone. Whether rain or shine, commit to wearing sunblock every single day. Remember, sunscreen is the number one anti-aging skincare product you can use. After you moisturize the skin, layer the sunblock under the foundation or BB cream and prevent unsightly lines, wrinkles, and premature aging. 

Play with these tips and keep your skin healthy and nourished all season along! 


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