We love learning about our Ambassdors. Today, we're talking to Ellie about life in the northwest. Besides from the wonderful outdoor photos that we can swoon over, it can be pretty exciting when you live where there's outdoor activities to do all year round!
Q:Tell us a little bit about yourself
A: My name is Ellie Robertson. I was born in Seattle, WA and raised in Hood River, OR! The Pacific Northwest is in my blood. I spend my days staying active, getting outside, and adventuring. Currently, I live in Bend, OR which offers so many ways for me to stay active. My top five favorites right now are downhill skiing, cross country skiing, trail running with my dog, stand-up paddle boarding, and mountain biking. My parents are super active and they introduced me to all things active.
Q: What's the key to Surviving Oregon's Winter?
The key to success for surviving Oregon's winter is bundle up. Like A Christmas Story status. You can always take layers off!
Q: Any favorite spots to go in Oregon ? And why? 
My absolute favorite spot in Oregon is the Oregon Coast. The whole meal deal. Our beaches are pristine, dog friendly, and so spacious. I love hiking along the sea cliffs and taking in the scenery. It's so lush and untouched. 
Q:Where are you planning on traveling next?

I think my next travel spot will be either Bali or Ireland. I will probably save Bali for this next winter and Ireland in the fall. Sometimes you need an escape from the cold weather...(we can't agree more :))

Q: Skincare Routine for Cold Weather?
The three crucial steps for me are to exfoliate, mask, and moisturize. I get really dry skin in the winter time, so exfoliators are my best friend. I'll usually stick to more natural scrubs or a facial brush. Charcoal masks have been my go to, or anything with rose in it! As for moisturizing, I've been using coconut oil. It's the best.



Q:What is your Life Mantra ?

It is what it is. You can't control everything in life, and sometimes you have to let things go.
Ellie Robertson is an exploriegonian from Bend, Oregon.
You can find her @elliejrobertson
Photos by Ellie Robertson
Interview by Petaluma & Co. 


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