December is an especially busy month for all of us. We have holiday soirees, get togethers with friends, and of course agonizing over what to get everyone on your list. Who has time to keep track of their skin amidst all the holiday bustle? But winter is the time of year that our skin is the driest and needs extra attention.

"Did you know your skin loses more than 25% of its ability to hold moisture during the winter months?"

Dry skin is common in the winter months when the humidity level drops. The arid winter months causes the water level in your skin to evaporate more quickly than usual, which, in turn, causes your skin to feel dryer and tighter. Heaven forbid, in some cases it may even look flaky.

How can we stay extra hydrated during the winter season?
  1. Drink Water
    During winter, you may not feel as thirsty as you would during other times of the year because you are, more often than not, inside where it’s warm. This doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need water. Your skin is actually losing more moisture than other seasons. This means- yes, you’ve guessed it- you need to drink even more water during the winter months.

  2. Sheet Masks
    Sheet masks will become your best friend whether you are staying local or traveling this winter. The easy-to-pack masks replenish and hydrate your skin with the essence that it needs. The fact that they are pre-soaked with essential hydrating nutrients makes sheet masks an essential and convenient addition to your winter skin routine.

  3. Sunscreen
    Even if you don’t  see the sun outside, don’t neglect sunscreen during the winter! UV sunrays are the greatest cause of skin aging. Though UVB radiation really decreases during the winter, UVA radiation is still just as prevalent and potent. UVA radiation indiscriminately passes through windows and windshields alike. It is the leading culprit for skin damage and increases the risk of skin cancer. So don’t forget to apply sunscreen not only to your face, but also the back of your hands and neck!

  4. Moisturizer
    The type of moisturizer that you’d use for winter will be different from summer time. Why? Because you lose more moisture. If you lose more, it’s only fair to replenish your skin with a moisturizing cream that works overtime, like Laneige’s Water Bank moisturizing Cream. Laneige is a korean skincare company that specializes in water based technology and is one of the largest internationally known korean brands.

  5. Lips
    The lack of humidity in the air during the winter months is the main cause for chapped lips this season. Furthermore your lips may have already been weakened due to sun exposure during the summer. Another common cause of chapped lips is habitual licking. To keep your lips soft during this time, we recommend applying Kiehl’s lip balm or Christian Dior’s Creme Rose liberally before you go to sleep.


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