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Summerproof your skin Series 1

We are excited to break down the fundamentals of how the sun effects your skin in a two part series. We’re also going to discuss why it’s so important to understand  the long-term effects of the sun and how we can prevent it from leaving a lasting effect on our skin. Remember those days when you laid out in the sun, not a care in the world for what’ll happen to your skin underneath that blazing sun? Oh right that was literally yesterday! Unfortunately doing just that could lead to accelerated aging and permanent damage to your skin. EEK!

Let’s take a closer look at what happens to our skin when we are under the sun. Our skin produces Vitamin D when it comes in contact with the sun. Melanin which lives on our epidermis protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. With little protection, these can burn and make the skin lose it’s elasticity which leads to premature aging.

Sunlight causes your skin to produce more melanin which causes your skin to darken. This is what’s happening actually when you get a nice tan in the sun. A little bit of sun is okay as the tan eventually fades when new skin cells slough off.What happens when you are in the sun for too long without proper protection? Too much sun can damage deeper layers of skin cells where they can also kill some of the cells. This means that your skin has lost its elasticity (even though you may not feel it at the moment) and this leads to a premature aging process. People with less melanin need to protect themselves from the sun.

It may not seem immediately noticeable right now but in a few years when the skin aging process happens you will start noticing the damage that the sun played a part in. Next time, we will talk about how we can prevent your skin from aging prematurely by adopting a daily habit.  



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